Watashi no Shiranai Mesu no Kao | The Secret Face of My Wife | OVA 1

Tatewaki Ichika (maiden name Itsuki) is the wife of Tatewaki Masato. She has a demure appearance Masato is rightfully proud to have married her. Although they have been married for some years, their lifestyle is as passionate as when they were newly-weds.

Wana Hakudaku Mamire no Hokago | Wa Wana Hakudaku Mamireno Houkago | OVA 1-2

After her brother's death, the protagonist transferred to her brother's school to find the truth behind his death. It is unraveled step by step until someone discovers her identity and her intentions.

Wind of Ebenbourg | Ebenbourg no Kaze | OVA 1-2

This is a story of a town called Ronsard, in small late 19th century European country known as the Grand Duchy of Ebenbourg.

Wicked Lessons | Gakuen no Syuryousya | OVA 1-2

After Noelle's parents die suddenly in an accident, her older stepbrother Shuichi returns to take care of her in ways she could never have imagined. Noelle is horrified when, on the very night of her parents' funeral, the stepbrother she remembered so fondly cruelly rapes her. Then, without explaining why, Shuichi forces Noelle to transfer to the prestigious Takamine College.

Weather Report Girl | Otenki Onee-san | OVA 1-2

Ambitious Keiko Nakadai supplants modest Michiko Kawai as their TV station's prime-time weather report girl—Keiko gets higher ratings by flashing flesh for the camera. Michiko wants her job back, and a series of revenge plots and counterplots ensue as each tries to break the other down through public and private humiliation.

Behind Closed Doors | Waver | Le Manoir Des Vices | OVA 1-2-3

Somewhere, there is a forbidden mansion, a house of unspeakable erotic pleasures. Behind each door, a beautiful woman lies in wait for a man's touch. But these voluptuous vixens have an appetite for pain and punishment that compels even the strongest to beg for mercy! What man can withstand the unbearable pleasure, and rule the harem as his own?

Wake Up Aria Majokko Virgin Kikiipatsu | OVA 1

Aria is on her way to Golden Breast Island in search of a quality musical education. Little does she know, this school's lessons are meant to hypnotize Aria and her bevy of beautiful classmates. One by one the women are turned into sex slaves by the evil Karma and sexy Shinbi! Will Aria be next?

Vixens | Visionary | OVA 1-2-3

Meet the sexiest android ever to travel through time... and her circus of naughty animal pals! Her mission: to help a 19 year-old computer nerd lose his virginity!

Virtuacall 2 | Virtual Call | OVA 1-2

Emily has had a crush on Hasegawa for quite some time. A fellow resident of her building, Hasegawa has always been there for her as a friend, though she would like something more than friendship. When Hasegawa starts confiding his woman troubles to Emily, she introduces him to Virtuacall, a service that lets you interact with the girl of your dreams just as you wish you could.

Virgin Touch | Flutter of Birds Tori-tachi no Habataki | OVA 1-2

Yusaku is heading home for the first time in eight years. He is a medical student about to take on a summer internship in the country working at his uncle's clinic. While on the train, he becomes smitten with a young woman sitting across from him, but is unable to summon the courage to speak to her.


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