Warau Kangofu The Animation | Lustful Laughing Nurse | OVA 1-2

In a hospital, resides a nurse who chooses to have fun with a patient and even drags this patients childhood friend into their event. In a home, resides a brother who eventually sees his sister playing with herself as she watches adult movies which eventually drags them into incest. And in another home resides a woman and a girl who cant keep their urges hidden from a friend.

Wife Eater | Tsumamigui | OVA 1-2

What can a widowed woman do when she gets that itch? Invite a nubile man over to help her decorate! It has been a year since Chiho became a widow and the nights are getting lonely. It's a good thing that her friend Kanae is there to help. Kanae is experienced, she's been married for eight years and she knows just what Chiho needs.

Wife with Wife | Hitozuma x Hitozuma | Tsuma Tsuma | OVA 1-2

Story 1: Koutaro is the manager and the owner of Sakura Market. He took over this business after his father passed away. Sakura Market is a nice independent supermarket, however, is in jeopardy of being taken over by a large supermarket corporation, Kaneyu. The ironic scenario is that the take over act is being masterminded by Koutaro's true brother, Taiyo!

Wizard Girl Ambitious OAV 1

Asuka, the wizard, at some point before the start of the episode just decides that Kei will now be her meatshield, and is magically bound to serve and protect her. Asuka has now decided that he has served her well enough to allow him to take her virginity as a reward. They both discover that he has a raging libido and wont stop for anything once he gets going.

Widow | Miboujin Numeriau Nikuyoku to Midara ni Nureru Mitsusubo | OVA 1-2

There is a videotape of a bride who was recorded asking for sexual pleasure. Taeko is a descendant of the Sagayama family which has been living in a palatial residence on a slightly elevated hill. A month had passed since she had been deprived of her dearest husband. She wished to keep mourning until Kaoru, his little brother, came home from abroad to express his condolences.

The Secret Face of My Wife OAV 1 Watashi no Shiranai Mesu no Kao

Tatewaki Ichika (maiden name Itsuki) is the wife of Tatewaki Masato. She has a demure appearance Masato is rightfully proud to have married her. Although they have been married for some years, their lifestyle is as passionate as when they were newly-weds.

Wana Hakudaku Mamire no Hokago | Wa Wana Hakudaku Mamireno Houkago | OVA 1-2

After her brother's death, the protagonist transferred to her brother's school to find the truth behind his death. It is unraveled step by step until someone discovers her identity and her intentions.

Wind of Ebenbourg | Ebenbourg no Kaze | OVA 1-2

This is a story of a town called Ronsard, in small late 19th century European country known as the Grand Duchy of Ebenbourg.

Wicked Lessons | Gakuen no Syuryousya | OVA 1-2

After Noelle's parents die suddenly in an accident, her older stepbrother Shuichi returns to take care of her in ways she could never have imagined. Noelle is horrified when, on the very night of her parents' funeral, the stepbrother she remembered so fondly cruelly rapes her. Then, without explaining why, Shuichi forces Noelle to transfer to the prestigious Takamine College.

Weather Report Girl | Otenki Onee-san | OVA 1-2

Ambitious Keiko Nakadai supplants modest Michiko Kawai as their TV station's prime-time weather report girl—Keiko gets higher ratings by flashing flesh for the camera. Michiko wants her job back, and a series of revenge plots and counterplots ensue as each tries to break the other down through public and private humiliation.


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