Sinkan ~ OAV 1 ~ T&A Teacher

Based on the manga by Izumi Kyouta. Be good, or you might get punished.
Everyone looks up to Ayaka. Shes one of the most beautiful professors at the academy, with bright eyes, big breasts, and a brilliant smile. But shes got a tough side, too: shes coach of the Karate Club. Treat her well, and youll be rewarded with all sorts of sexy favors but get on her bad side, and youll be flat on your back in no time.
So far, theres only been one guy bold enough to anger Ayaka: a brash new student named Togawa. One night, he finds Ayaka having a one-woman orgy in the gym shower room and decides to step in. Will Ayakas temper flare up once again, or will she be swept up by her lustful desires?

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